TALON was born in 2009 with the release of the aromatic glass and metal amulette necklace.  While carefully selecting and blending essential oils to fill the vintage inspired vial necklaces, jewelry designer Emily Hirsch recalls the rich scent from her childhood; the smell of freshly harvested grapes, apple orchards in bloom, and the archaic redwood forests.

TALON has emerged as a full line of jewelry inspired by the dark mysticism of the medieval period, shadowy corners of 1970′s Americana beauty, and the simple elegance of the serpent in quicksilver. The evening star is out, rejoice!

All jewelry is made by hand in New York using recycled metals, and hand-selected Garnet, Onyx, Carnelian, and TALON’s signature stone, the Australian Opal.

For more information email: info (at) talonnyc (dot) com


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