Talon is pleased to offer three custom oil blends to be worn in your amulette. Each scent has been handcrafted with simplicity and elegance in mind.


An intoxicating aroma of tobacco leaf and newly opened orange blossom. It makes us think of sitting in our grandfathers’ old, worn in leather chair in a dimly lit, cozy room, surrounded by books, a scotch and a small branch pulled from the apple tree blooming outside. It’s a dark, tantalizing, warm scent. The aromatic properties of the Talon Signature scent will help with anxiety, disappointment, fatigue, nervousness and tension.



This scent is fresh and innocent. The slightly grassy, herbal, earthy sweetness of tuberose combined with the honeyed aroma of jasmine makes us think of a picnic in the grass on a warm California spring day. Choose the Avalon scent if you are looking to guard against grief, indecision, jealousy, fatigue, sadness, shyness, suspicion and tension.



Honeysuckle Rose is our newest spring scent. We created a blend reminiscent of the sweet smell of the honeysuckle flower combined with a hint of rose and newly cut alfalfa hay. The aromatic oils used in this scent are known aphrodisiacs. The blend is also good for calming and uplifting the spirit.



This new winter scent combines some my favorite winter smells – an evergreen forest after it just snowed, the warmth of a room filled with family, the sweetness of freshly cooked holiday treats and the earthy loam smell after a good California rain. It’s sweet and spicy with just the right amount of floral and tropical grass notes. The essential oil properties of this scent are very grounding and balancing to help diffuse stress and calm your anxieties. Just what you need during the Winter! currently sold out