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We love working with you to create your dream piece of jewelry! 
Whether you just want one of our existing pieces in a different metal or stone or you want to create a totally custom piece, we are here to help.
Custom projects can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months depending on the size and scope of the project. 
Custom rates vary widely.
We do not charge extra for metal substitutions in the same karat (for example making a piece in 14k rose gold instead of 14k yellow gold.) We are happy to provide quotes for higher karat gold (18k, 22k). Stone substitution pricing varies depending on the size and shape of the stone.
Our rates for using one of our designs with your stone start at around $1,500 but also vary depending on the piece that you are customizing. Rates for creating custom designs start at $2,500. 
We love creating new pieces from old and unworn jewelry. We can remove stones for you and use them in the new design we create together. We can also source special stones for you. Unfortunately we cannot melt down your gold to use at this time. 
Below are some examples of custom projects.
Contact us at with your idea!

Custom Bijou

Custom Diamond Ring

Custom Diamond Ring - Daron

Custom Emerald Ring